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Both Dolf and I have had a love for photography going back many years. Three years ago we had the opportunity to travel together to California. Our trip took us along the Pacific coast highway. There we spent 5 days photographing the many beautiful coastal scenes along the way. Since then we have had the pleasure of photographing many beautiful cities in Europe as well as Yosemite national park in the US. Our most recent expedition took us the spectacular area of Page, AZ. Here we photographed the stunning areas of Upper and Lower Antelope canyon along with other sites.

     Just this year an opportunity came our way and we were able to rent a great space in Raritan, NJ. On March 1, 2017 we opened a photography studio and art gallery. The studio will avail our customers to a high level of portrait and commercial photography The gallery will feature mostly photographic art, but would be open to all venues of the art world.

We are excited about the prospect of bringing art to the community of Somerset county and look forward to a visit from you.

Edward Roberts

Edward Roberts

I am someone probably very much like you.

I started out my life in photography as just a hobby. I was young and had a full-time job. I was just recently married and had started a family.

At that time of my life extra money was always a plus, but working m-f left little time to do that. During my own wedding I had hit it off with my photographer and he encouraged me to assist him, which I did for a short while. When I felt I had acquired a sufficient portfolio for myself, and knew the ropes of the wedding day, I set out on my own.

Wedding photography is probably the easiest way to get started and make money with your camera, specially now in the digital age, but it is also the hardest work you will do in photography.

Along with weddings the inevitable next step was portraits. I enjoyed this quite a bit. There is nowhere near the pressure doing portraits that there is with weddings.

After 20 years and a vast amount of weddings I was burnt out, so I took a break. Now I concentrate on Landscapes and find it very relaxing almost Zen like. You can photograph a landscape for hours and they never say a word.

My new adventure with photography involves Portraits, Landscapes, but will also add the aspects of Teaching and developing a Gallery where other artists can showcase their works of art.

Along with photography I have delved into another area that lets me express my artistic talents. That area is woodworking. I have built everything from small boxes to classic pieces such as a 19th century Secretary Desk.

Dolf DeRovira

Dolf DeRovira

Even as a young boy, my interest in photography has been very strong.  When Kodak put out kodak how to make good pictures book, I must have read through it hundreds of times.  There I learned the science behind lighting, f stop versus shutter speed, how to compose a photo that is pleasing to the eye, panning and many other techniques.

When Ciba came out with the Cibachrome color development system where anyone can do color photography developing in their bathroom, I went out and purchased a Besseler photo enlarger and was on my wat.  Then I learned the intricacies of color dodging and burning, transmitted versus reflected colors, and special techniques like Sabbattier.

In the meantime, Rollei came out with an instant cartridge (so it was a square format) camera with Rollei Lenses and a very high quality optic system.  I got as many lenses as I could afford and with a little bit of elbow grease even machined some to fit the camera.  I took what seemed like thousands of square format slides of all varieties.

When the camera finally died, Cannon came out with its first digital version.  At the same time, an unfortunate flood ruined all my slides, so digital was a blessing.

I have entered and won many photo contests, and am presently a member of the Princeton Photography Club.

I have taught for my business throughout the world and currently post my photos on Instagram and 500PX.  As of the writing of this bio I have posted over 300 of my photos on 500px.

In the past couple of years, I have made the switch to the mirrorless format and love many of the advantages.

Ed and I look forward to sharing our experience in our custom courses, podcasts and blogs.

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