Best Technique for Color Correction


There may be times when the photograph you took is not what you want color wise. Maybe your subject is in a white dress and it is showing up too blue or yellow or maybe a landscape has water that doesn’t seem to be the correct blue. That being said there may be times when artistically you want a bluer or yellower image, so it won’t need to be corrected. For those time you feel a correction is needed I am going to show you an easy way to color correct your entire image in just a few steps.

Here is an image that I feel has too much yellow to it.



The first thing you must do is create a new layer. Then you fill that layer with 50% gray. Now go to the blending modes and change the mode to Difference. What this does is look for tones that are different than 50% gray. If they are 50% gray or close the will appear black.



As you can see a lot of the water appears to be black. This indicates that in that area the tones are 50% gray. You could stop there but with one additional step you can hone in on an exact spot of 50% gray. The next step is to add a Threshold layer above your 50% gray layer. Having done that move the slider on the Threshold adjustment box to the left, until you have only a few spots that are black.


Now take the color sampler tool and select one of the black areas. If need be, zoom in so you can make a correct choice.



Once you have done that you can get rid of your 50% gray layer and Threshold layer. You will be left with you original image and a target of the area you selected. Now create a curves adjustment layer. Choose the middle (mid gray) eyedropper and click on you target spot. This will color balance your entire image.



Here is the final result of your color correction technique




I hope this is useful for you.




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