The Popularity of Spiral Stair Photographs

By Dolf DeRovira

North Lights Studio

One of the most enjoyed photographs are ones of spiral stairs.  I believe that humans have a fondness for things that go off in the distance.  We appreciate mountains off at the horizon,

  Las Vegas

The horizon of the beach with the setting sun,

  Long Boat Key, Florida

and cloudscapes at 30,000 feet.

  Somewhere over Lake Michagan

But we love patterns and especially patterns that go off in the distance.

 Jersey Loops

 Cathedral Hall

  Cinqueterra, Italy

But we seem to especially love stairs.

  Tower Stairs, Sagrada Familia,

Barcelona, Spain

  Staircase at Santorini, Greece

  Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Ben Franklin Pendulum

 Union Station, Nashville, Tennessee

 View Looking Down, Union Station, Nashville, Tennessee

So you have seen many versions of the classical spiral stairs photograph.  Try finding some of your own.

Also, a new group beginning on our Facebook Page at

is a Closed Group call APP or Advanced Phone Photography

This is the Opening Remarks:

Welcome to Advanced Phone Photographers. As you know, more phone pictures are probably taken today in one year than all of the photographs taken last century. But are these photos just capturing a moment in time or are they artistically pleasing to the eye and worth praise? Are they worth enlarging? Can they be enlarged? These and more are issues that we can discuss in this forum. We are here to help each other grow and learn. Constructive criticism is appreciated, negative comments will not be tolerated. This is a group that will be friendly and positive, no porn, political comments or anything else like that has a place here. It will be for the promotion of the art of phone photography. Please post your phone photos here, but not more than 3 a day or the group will just be a clutter. As this can only be done by the honor system, please post only phone photos. Android or Iphone, or any other phone types. When there are enough people in the group we will choose the best photo for display. The owner will still retain all copyright ownership to this photo, it is just for bragging rights. Let’s all enjoy.

If you are interested post a message on our facebook page above and start posting your great phone images so others can critique and compliment you on your artistic talents.

Look for other educational blogs and don’t forget to post comments either here or on Facebook.  We look forward to your feedback.  A reminder, North Lights Studio is a full service Studio, we pride ourselves on providing the following services;

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